2019 High School Scholarship & Leadership Award

L to R: Sidney Messerly ($1,000 Scholarship Recipient), Regent Christina Roach and Zohara Assadipour
(Catholic Female Leadership Award Recipient) taken on May 14, 2019


2019 High School Catholic Female Leadership Award

L-R  Monte Assadipour, Zohara Assadipour, Christina Rosch, Beth Assadipour

2019 High School Scholarship Award


L-R  Grandma/CDA member Lois Schreck, Mom Melissa Messerly, Sidney Messerly, Christina Rosch

2019 8th Grade Tuition Scholarship Award

L to R photos:
Jenny Berte, daughter of Amber Pyle L-R Jenny Berte, Regent Christina Rosch.
Sophia Carlson, daughter of Eugene and Melissa Carlson L-R Sophia Carlson, Regent Christina Rosch


2019 High School & 8th Grade Scholarship

Contact you high school/middle school guidance counselor for criteria and applications to apply or see applications and criteria listed below.  Applications are now closed for 2019.

8th grade POLICY_2019_Catholic_Daughters_of_the_Americas_Scholarship

2019 HS CDA Scholarship cover sheet 02.15.19

2019 HS CDA Scholarship POLICY 02.15.19


2018 High School, 8th Grade Scholarship & Leadership Award

Alyxis Mericle, Regent Marie Sheeder & Isabella Hindt

High School Scholar Audrey Kolacia

2018 Leadership Award Winner Haley Ledford