Upcoming Activities for
Our Lady of Good Counsel No. 216

Dear CDA sisters, Another year behind us and a new one to look forward too. I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and support this past year. Without your enthusiasm and participation, we would not have been able to give so much, but as it has been said, we have much more to do. God Bless you all in Unity and Charity.

Marie Sheeder, Regent


Meetings are a great time to get together with your fellow Catholic women, and make new friends, too. Guests are always welcome. We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month September-June.

Remember to call in reservations for the monthly meetings by Tuesday afternoon to Betty Kelly 515-573-2512 If school is cancelled due to weather, so is our meeting.

Check out Our “Calendar” for dates and times of Upcoming Events

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Relay for Life, 2016, Survivor Etta Mae Blair

#216 Relay for Life, 2016 Etta Mae Blair, survivor

Veteran Quilt Presentation, October 2017

quilt 4

Donation to the YWCA at Christmas 2015

CDA Y donation 2015

Donation to the Holy Trinity Food Pantry 2015

CDA Food pantry 2015


Swiss Steak Dinner, October 28th, 2017

2016 Annual Swiss Steak Dinner



Programs Held at Our Monthly Meetings

Stephen Kesten, September 2015 guest speaker and son of member Mary Ann Kesten

Stephen Kesten, FOCUS



Domus Trinitatis, Sr. Marie Hesed, Our Program Guest March 2015






 Member Article by Deb Kelleher #216 Treasurer


53rd Biennial Convention –  Plan on attending the next State Convention in 2019 held in Storm Lake IA

Details will be added as they are received.

National Convention 2016